9 Outlines for Mesh Belt Conveyor Maintenance

Mesh belt conveyors are widely used and theirprotection systems are essential. Belt conveyor protection mainly includes thefollowing 10 processes:

1. The mesh belt conveyor should have fixed personnelprotection during operation. It is necessary to have an administrator who has ageneral knowledge and skill about functions of the conveyor.

2. The company shall establish a "equipmentprotection, maintenance, and safe operation procedures" for the conveyorto enable security personnel to comply. The watcher must have a handoverstandard.

three. The feeding of the mesh belt conveyor shouldbe uniform, and the feeding hopper should not overflow due to excessivefeeding.

4. During the operation of the mesh belt conveyor,non-protected personnel shall not approach the machine and no one shall touchany rotating parts. When there are shortcomings, you must work constantly toeliminate the shortcomings. If there are shortcomings that are not easy toeliminate immediately, but have no significant impact on the operation, theyshould be recorded and eliminated during the repair.

5. When protecting the conveyor, always inquire aboutthe operation of each component, check the connecting bolts everywhere, andfind them in time to tighten. But it must prevent the conveyor from cleaningand repairing the working parts of the conveyor.

6. The threaded fastening device of the tail deviceis adapted to be adjusted, the conveyor belt having a normal running tension.The administrator should always ask about the operation of the conveyor belt.Some damage should be based on the extent of the damage (whether it has animpact on production) whether it is to replace the belt immediately or if thebelt needs to be repaired. The conveyor belt should be worn according to thedegree of wear.

7. When the mesh belt conveyor is used forprotection, it is necessary to inspect and adjust the operation, cleaning,smoothing, and screw tensioning equipment of the belt conveyor.

8. The mesh belt conveyor should generally be startedunder no load and continuously operated after the material is discharged.

9. The belt is repaired every six months, except tomaintain normal smoothing during operation and to remove individual damagedparts. During the repair process, eliminate defects in use and record, removedamaged parts and replace smooth oil.

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