Balanced Weave  Conveyor Belt

Balanced weave conveyor belt is consisted of alternating left and right hand spirals connected with a crimped rod. The crimped rod keeps all spirals in right positions to prevent distortion and stretch. Straight belt run is guaranteed by alternated left and right spirals. Balanced weave belt can be driven by sprocket or drum. Balanced weave belt is perfect for small and heavy product.It is mainly used as building decorative materials,in electronics industry, food processing industries with widely application for baking, freezing ,ceramic coating, fiberglass curing, drying and forming, drying Printed Circuit Boards Glass Annealing etc.


1 Widest range of application and combines most advantages of metal mesh belt.

2 Stable and durable constructions for straight belt running.

Key industries: Building Products,Electronics, Food Processing

Key applications: Baking, Cooking, Curing,Dewatering, Drying and Forming, Drying Printed Circuit Boards, Hermetic Sealing, Infeeds and Exits, Thick Film Firing, Transfers, Washing

Balance Weave Conveyor Belts

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